Enriching the lives of young people, encouraging them to realize their potential as musical, intellectual and social beings since 1933

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We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our programs, our people and the special place that more than three generations of young musicians have called home each summer. 

We seek to enrich each camper and inspire our community with the joy of making great music and creating life-long friendships.

Greenwood Music Camp is located in Cummington, Massachusetts on an eighty-acre estate in a small rural community in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts.

"Greenwood clearly changed my life, directed me towards my ultimate goals and provided me a foundation for my musical life. And it has given a 'present' to my three wonderful children of the joys of music."
Gilbert Kalish, Concert Pianist
Greenwood Alum, Parent and Grandparent







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Annual Fund Campaign

Every year between 30 and 40 percent of enrolled campers are awarded some amount of scholarship aid.  We pride ourselves on our need blind acceptance policy, and our demonstrated commitment to providing financial support whenever assistance is appropriate. 



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